A little bit about me and how I

got into the goat business...

Hello, I am Chelsey Mayse, the owner, and operator of Tipper Valley Farm. I am a May 2020 Graduate from Morehead State University with a bachelor’s in Agricultural Sciences and a year in child development and education in the middle grades. I started raising goats over a decade ago back in 2009 and have continued to raise dairy goats because of lactose intolerance as a child and throughout adulthood. I make my own cheeses, ice-cream, yogurt, caramels, custards, etc. with my own goat’s milk. In my early teens, I developed severe contact dermatitis and allergies that could not be calmed by store-bought and doctor-prescribed products. I begin to look at what all ingredients were in these products and thought they were to blame, so I decided to create my own goat milk products and use the old-fashioned cold process soap-making method yielding lye soap that has been passed down from generation to generation onto me.

"I have a direct line of soap making in my family going back to my great great grandmother, Eliza Jane. I still use some of her methods today, as she did years ago."


Tipper Valley Farm’s mission is to give back to the community through creating high quality products that are all natural and made only from sustainably sourced ingredients. We provide products that are made with nature in mind and as nature intended with the goal to lessen environmental footprints. Tipper Valley Farm’s products are carefully handcrafted with thoughtfulness and care driving their decision-making process and create products in ways that connects one back to the land; using the tried and true process of soaping using the cold process method yielding ‘old fashioned lye soap’ and the use of specially selected and locally wildcrafted plants in our plant infused soaps. Tipper Valley Farms ingredients come directly from nature with all of its serenity being displayed within its products and offer only the highest quality of goat’s milk from our own free ranged goats. In addition to providing high end products our mission is to connect communities together through education and hands on activities. To us, creating long term relationships with customer and connecting communities together is of most importance.


Now that you know our mission regarding our goat milk products; you need to know that we are so much more than that.

Rooted deeply is the goal to educate about the more traditional and simple ways of life. We want to share with everyone a life that a lot do not get to experience. A lifestyle that is much slower and peaceful compared to today’s high paced city life that many know. We want to teach you about living simply with what you have wither that be an apartment, a balcony, 1 acre, or 50 acres. As I continue to develop my educational blog and you tube channel, I want to share with you the small steps that helps you to learn how to start and run your own homestead and become more self-reliant.

A little of WHATS TO COME

I want to share with you the small steps that add up in the end. I will share with you my personal experience homesteading, what I have learnt, and how it has grown over the years. I will discuss topics from cooking from scratch with homestead and traditional recipes that have been forgotten with time, how to make your own maple syrup, rendering lard, raising and processing chickens, raising goats, goat care, and the back yard dairy complete with recipes to many beloved dairy products. I hope to share with you this and so much more.