Meet our wonderful spoilt rotten goats who are the heart and sole of our business, and are loved dearly.

I have raised goats since 2009 when I was just 12 years old. I have always loved my goats and they have became my world. I have raised many different breeds of goats over the years and have fallen in love with each and everyone of them. However, the La Mancha breed has won my heart over for their wonderful gentle personalities and amazing milk qualities. To this day even though I focus on my beloved ADGA registered La Manchas, I still have a couple Alpines from my original starter heard that I could never imagine not having them even for a day.

I take care of them as naturally as I can as nature intended. They have access to several acres to free range and use natural alternatives to most store bought products. I raise them as holistically as I can. As I got into goats due to wanting to live a different lifestyle due to medical conditions and restrictions; I strongly support a natural lifestyle without any unnecessary medications, chemicals, or otherwise for both myself and my animals. I have continued to work from my original bloodlines for 5 generations now; Only introducing new bucks for breeding stock. I have breed my goats for parasite resistance, overall soundness and vigor, as well as wonderful milk lines and temperaments.

Below you will see a picture of each of my goats. My goats are amazing animals and have helped me through some of life’s most toughest times.