March 14

Product Comments and Reviews


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Because Square Space does not allow product comments and reviews, this blog post will act as a place for you to leave comments and reviews in the blog comment section of this post. As always, thank you for supporting Tipper Valley Farm, our values, and being apart of the family.


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How Goat Milk Soap is Made

How Goat Milk Soap is Made
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  1. I love the soaps. They cause no irritation, smell wonderful and last a long time. I would highly recommend them especially if you have sensitive skin.

  2. I purchased soap an lotion an they are wonderful they both have great smell an last a long time it cleared up my dry skin ! I would highly recommend these products !

  3. I purchase these products often and love the gentle wonderful fragrant soaps and lotions. I really love that these incredible products are made from soothing goats milk. I recommend these products to anyone looking to go more natural and steer away from the harmful chemicals in our local stores.

  4. The goat milk lotion is a favorite of mine. The first bottle amazed me as it soaks into skin well and smells delicious. The lotion also last a long time. I have since purchased two more bottles. Can’t get enough of a good thing!

  5. I have used Tipper Valley Farm products many times the knowledge of herb, oat, and goat milk soaps and lotions are amazing and I would recommend for parent and babies. It leaves skin soft and smooth and loveable.

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