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Why Our Soaps Are Different


Tipper_Valley_Farm_ roseemary and tea tree goat milk soap

Here at Tipper Valley Farm; our soaps are unique for various reasons

  1. We use our own free ranged goats milk

  2. Our goats are the heart and soul of our business

  3. We use a traditional style of making lye soap

  4. Our soaps are specifically formulated with sensitive skin in mind

  5. Our soaps can be tailored to individuals desires

    (Contact us for custom tailored soap batches)

  6. Botanical soap infusions – Sustainably and sourced locally sourced

  7. Kentucky and Appalachia Proud Certified

  8. No artificial preservatives, dyes, or additives.

Tipper_Valley_Farm_free range goats

  1. We Use Our Own Free Range Goats Milk:

Our milk that goes into our products come right here from Tipper Valley Farm’s free-range goats. Our goats roam multiple acres and have free access to browse and forage.

Tipper_Valley_Farm_free range goats buddy

2. Our goats are the heart and soul of our business

Our goats are the foundation of our business. I started my homestead around goats and they are the reason I do everything that I do. As you may already know, I started raising dairy goats due to medical needs and never expected to make a business from them, but am blessed that I have.

My goats are thought of very highly and their health and happiness always come first no matter what!

Great great granney Eliza Jane's soap pot that has been passed down 5 generations to myself.jpg

3. Traditional Lye Soap Making

Here at Tipper Valley Farm, we use the old style process of soap making that makes lye soap just like grandma used to make. In fact, when it comes to my family, just like my great, great, great, great, grandma down to me used to make and still do.

I come from a long legacy of soap makers and continue practices as they had years ago. This makes a truly cleaning product that is not just simply melted down and mixed like many commercial soap bases like melt and pour.

When lye soap is made properly it will not burn or harm your skin in any way. In addition to correctly making the soap, we superfat our soaps, meaning we allow extra nourishing oils in our soaps to be active to ensure our soaps are not lye heavy and to allow more nourishing oils to help moisturize and protect the skin.

Tipper_Valley_Farm_goat milk soap

4. Made with sensitive skin in mind

By the nature of the way we make our soaps, our soaps are more gentle on the skin. Without additives, preservative, and dyes, our soaps are all natural and have less in it that can hurt the skin in anyway. The selection of oils in our soaps are also known to be skin loving. The base oil in our general bar of soaps is lard. Lard is actually one of the safest oils for the skin as it is most similar to human skin and Ph, in addition to having lots of vitamins and minerals human skin needs, it is also considered hypoallergenic. This is precisely why it is the main oil in our basic bars of soap as you do not have to worry about being allergic to the different oils in it. When you look at our shampoo bars we still use oils known for their gentle, skin loving properties. If you need a soap with or without a specific oil, be sure to contact me for special custom order soap batches tailored just for you.

Tipper_Valley_Farm_goat milk soap specilty

5. Tailored Soap Batches

We offer the option to special order custom batches of soap to fit your desires. Do you want a soap that is made with specific oils known for their properties, need a soap that is made with dry or oily skin in mind? Maybe you want a specific sent or essential oil blend added to your soap? What ever you would like be sure to contact us for special order.

Tipper_Valley_Farm_wildcrafted herbs

6. Botanical Soaps – locally and sustainably sourced

We use locally, sustainably harvested plants, herbs, and flowers in our botanical soaps along with essential oil blends to create a truly natural botanical soap collection.

These blend may impart color, scent, or other properties into the soap that it is infused in.

Both milk and oils are infused for maximum plant concentration.

If possible, we also source local oils and try to source everything from our own farm or from our close neighbors to help support our local community.


7. Kentucky and Appalachia Proud Certified

We are both Kentucky and Appalachia Proud Certified

This means that all or most of our products and ingredients are sourced from right here in not only the great state of Kentucky, but also the wonderful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


8. No unnecessary artificial colorants, dyes, additives, or preservatives

I started making my own goat milk soaps because I had so many allergic reactions to commercial store bought products and thought the ingredients where to blame, years later an advanced allergy test proved this correct. So, I wanted a truly natural product made with ingredients that where connected and safe for the earth and ingredients I actually recognized and could pronounce. I wanted a product that was made with ingredients well know for their gentleness and cleaning ability. I wanted something that I knew would be safe and not harm myself or my family members. In addition to my concerns for my allergies, I was also very concerned for the delicate skin of the young children in my family and wanted only the best for them.


all natural, Appalachia proud, goat milk soap, Kentucky proud, tipper valley farm

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